Topshelf Creative - Design for Print + Web

About us

We are a team of graphic designers. Yes, two people can be a team!

Topshelf Creative is located on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of British Columbia in Gibsons, just outside of Vancouver. Our core services are top quality branding, print & web design for our diverse client list. 

Design is subjective. Not everyone can articulate exactly what great design is, but most can recognize it. We help clients realize that their branding is a direct reflection of their business to the eyes of potential customers — so, why not look fantastic?

We believe that great design can set you apart from your competition. It has has been proven time and again. Great design is an investment towards your business success. Who would not want that type of competitive advantage for their business?


John Ridd

Born and raised in North Van, John is a graphic designer who now proudly calls the Sunshine Coast home. As a 1993 graduate of the IDEA program at Capilano U (OK, back then it was just called the ‘design & illustration’ program) John now has over 25 years experience as a designer and art director specializing in identity, branding, typography, packaging & print.

John has, over the years, developed a keen eye for the details that ‘make’ great design. Great design matters, and he thoroughly enjoys helping clients realize the relationship between top shelf design and the success of their business. Clients often comment about how “A-typical” John is as a pretense, no ego, no black turtle necks, just an easy going, laid-back guy with a good eye.

Away from the studio he treasures his time with his three young daughters, wife and friends. He still watches the NHL draft every year in the ever-fading hope that the Canucks could find use for an over 40 stay-at-home defenceman.


Roberta Ridd

After growing up on the North Shore of Vancouver, Roberta spread her wings and flew off around the world and back (a couple of times) in search of the unknown. Roberta found excitement, beauty, adventure and the occasional Grateful Dead Show in America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Central America. Eventually, she found her way back home and studied Fine and Graphic Arts at Vancouver Community College, Capilano U and Simon Fraser University.

In 1991, Roberta met John and the rest is history. They shared a love for design, travel, hockey and each other. In 2002, they started Topshelf Creative in North Vancouver. In 2004, they moved to Gibsons on the Sunshine Coast and worked out of a beautiful space in Lower Gibsons overlooking Molly's Reach. In celebration of Topshelf turning 10 in 2012, a new office was built in Langdale. Over the years, John & Roberta have worked with many incredible clients on many different projects, but by far their best work ever is their three beautiful daughters...Grace, Abby and Molly.