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Frequently Asked Questions

“Topshelf” is spelt wrong?

No, it's not! It's our company and we can spell it anyway we want. So there.

Where is the Sunshine Coast?

On a map, it is about a pinky width away from Vancouver. In real life, it is a stunning 40 minute ferry ride. Whales, dolphins, sunsets and Whitespot BC Burgers! Life is good.

How much does it cost for you to design me a logo?

Depends... we would meet with you (in person or cyberspace) to discuss the scope of the project and to determine what problems need to be solved. We’d then get back to you with an estimate for your design project and we will work our magic until you are over the moon. Our prices are based on roughly $80 per hour, but we don’t typically bill by the hour. We’ve found that our clients appreciate the cost certainty of a firm estimate, and we’ll stick to that initial estimate... unless, of course, the scope of the project changes mid-stream. Hey, it happens!.

Do you do photocopies and send faxes?

Yes, for ourselves, but we are not a copy shop. There are plenty of great places around that can help you with that kind of stuff.

What about awards?

We are proud to say that we are batting 1000 and have won awards in every design competition we have ever entered. “Well,” you say... “how many design competitions have you entered then?”. Good question! Exactly zero! We are finding that we are a bit of a paradox in the design community — designers with no ego. We’re confident in our abilities and think our portfolio and happy clients speak for themselves.  

Who is going to win the cup this year?

Canucks. Duh!